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#CoffeehouseReads: Chasers of the Light by Tyler Knott Gregson

I don’t normally buy a lot of poetry books and when I do it’s usually a collection of poems that I’ve read before and I want a physical copy of. But a few month ago, I stumbled upon this one by chance while I was a bit early for my date with my boyfriend. So I went to a bookstore to pass the time while waiting for my date and picked it up. 

I was instantly mesmerized by the words of the first few pages and after a few minutes, I was hooked and I can’t put it down.  Despite wanting it so badly and just go full on “take my money” mode, I decided not to buy it yet. For one, this book was way too expensive from my usual finds. I usually look at secondhand bookstores to add books for my bookshelf and it’s always usually something that I’ve read before and I want my own copy of. But this one is brand new, hardbound, and way over my budget. So I did what any rational millennial would do, I decided to sleep on it.

A week later, when I still couldn’t get the book out of my mind I decided to give in and buy it. And I have no regrets because this is one of the best splurges I had when it comes to books.

The verses of this collection really moved me. Words that were written in a typewriter almost felt like an art form that’s waiting to be discovered. Different pieces of paper, receipts, photos, and even pages from a book, added a more colorful story to the poems written on it.

I usually read the book while I’m commuting to the city for my grad school classes and every page I turn left me feeling inspired. I felt like there’s so much wonder and beauty left to be seen in our lives. It’s actually a very relaxing book to read when you’re stuck sitting somewhere around the corner of a coffeeshop to pass the time.

After reading the entire thing, sometimes I still bring the book to school with me. I open up random pages from the book and read it while I’m on the road. I was enthralled with his work because his poems resonate even to people who don’t normally read poetry. Writing something in a typwriter seems very brave and raw, without a chance to edit, the words felt vulnerable and beautiful. The author’s spur-of-the-moment thoughts were immortalized in lovely pieces of typewritten poems. It’s ingeniously crafty and creative. As someone who writes for a living but struggles to put their own creative thoughts in a piece of paper, this wonderful collection of poetry seems like a good place to thaw out those creative juices and be inspired.

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